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GVCpack (under development)

GVCpack is a R package geared towards providing efficient and flexible functions to compute measures for global value chain(GVC). As more data on global value chains are becoming available to researchers, growing number of studies in social science offers various measures for GVC. However, only a handful of these measures are made reproducible, partly due to the mathematical and computational complexity involved in the processes. In addition, some measures are unnecessarily designed to fit the structure of one specific GVC dataset. GVCpack is built with Rcpp and RcppArmadillo to provide efficient and fast computations of these measures while offering flexibility to accommodate GVC data of different structures. 

PCTM (under development) [with Saki Kuzushima and Yuki Shiraito]

PCTM is a R package that fits the Paragraph-Topic Citation Model, a new topic model that jointly analyzes texts and citation networks. The package contains three core functions: basic preprocessing tools of text and network data, PCTM, and visualization tools of the posterior samples of PCTM. 

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